Live Streaming

Shows live footage on your screen, for better guidance and monitoring.

Vehicle Selection

Choose a single or multiple vehicles and show them on the map.

Remote Download

Able to download the history of the footage remotely


Real-time alerts and notification to get you notified.

Duress Button

A panic button to record events and footage in emergency cases.

Smart Solution

Smart solution to help your drivers with fatigue detection and road safety.

Incident Recovery

Record your footage as in the case of an emergency for future references.

Remote Config

Capable of being configured over the air for ultimate performance

Always VIEW Where Your Fleets Are

Dash cameras also referred to as dashboard camera systems, serve as a mobile digital video recorder (MDVR), a driving recorder, and an event data recorder (EDR). It witnesses and records everything that happens on the road and inside the vehicle as it is installed on the dashboard or surrounding of a vehicle, prime movers, truck, crane trucks, cranes and any other machinery. Dash cameras are primarily built to record the view via the front windscreen, back screen, and other windows of a vehicle. Dual dash cameras may record both the front and back views of the car. Some dash cameras have a camera that records a 360-degree view of the interior of the car, generally in the form of a ball, and automatically sends correct images and video over a 4G network. VIEWTRACK’s Vehicle CCTV solution with 1080p FULL-HD cameras will help you to manage your fleet easier and save you tons of money and protect you against all false claims. A multi-camera MDVR with up to 24 cameras capability, Geo-fencing, Evidence Centre and the different alert types will help you to be aware of the latest update from the system.


Our system will show you the activity of your vehicles and drivers. It will provide you with ready access to the real-time movements and live videos. It can be used for real-time decision as well as coaching and training purposes.


An environment to provide you to the recorded footage so that you can review the footage to find out more about the previous on-road incidents, driver behaviours and etc.


The VIEWTRACK system can capture a period of footage based on its configuration and upload it to the server automatically for future reference and easy access. The event can be a panic button even or/and harsh braking or any other events from the hardware. You will also get an email and system notification about the alert with an easy-access link.


Are you looking for a personalised system? Our API ready system enables you to develop or integrate your own app by using our API.


Take advantage of the latest technology to keep your drivers and fleet safe. Our products have saved our clients’ drivers and fleet against many false claims.


Your drivers are your treasure! Our ADAS + DSM solution will help your company and your drivers to stay safe, and be your credible witnesses in case of an incident.


We will provide you with our latest technology of cameras. There are many cameras that can be used for different vehicles, trucks, and busses in different scenarios. We will provide you with the right cameras for your vehicles for your custom needs to give you the best possible footage.

The Advantages of Using Multi-Channel Camera Systems in Transportation

Installing MDVR and its cameras in your vehicle will provide numerous benefits:

  • Since dash cameras or MDVR are known as the “silent witnesses of the road and vehicle movement,” they may capture and evaluate the causes of accidents as well as the drivers’ behaviour on the road.
  • By reviewing history footage in the dash cams, it is possible to identify accident-prone areas on the road and avoid them in the future.
  • It is easy to detect the inebriated and boisterous driver using vehicles Ai dash cameras. This protects the safety and security of your trucks, vehicles or any machinery as well as the occupants.
  • Front and rear dash cams allow users to monitor and manage the movement of a fleet of cars on the road.
  • These MDVR cameras continue to record even after the vehicle’s ignition is switched off. As a result, the greatest cameras System are designed with a large memory capacity to provide you with peace of mind wherever you go. The data captured and saved in-dash cameras may be accessed remotely from the comfort of your own office and home using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Why VIEWTRACK Vehicle CCTV is Different?

Below reasons are just part of the features which makes our system unique.

  • Full-HD Cameras
  • Evidence Center
  • Multiple Cameras
  • Geofencing
  • Email Notifications
  • Backup Drive

Full-HD 1080p Cameras

It’s always pleasant to view footage with crystal-clear clarity. VIEWTRACK CCTV solutions will bring ultimate clarity together with video loss and camera covering alerts.

Evidence Center

The incident footage can be uploaded to the server automatically based on the configuration that we do on the system.

Multiple Cameras

VIEWTRACK vehicle CCTV solution is build to bring your visibility to the unseen. Our hardware is capable of adding up to 12 Full-HD cameras for better visibility. 


You can select different areas as geo-fence to activate to deactivate different sensors. For example, you may turn on or turn off cameras when the vehicle enter or exit selected areas. This might be very beneficial in sensitive areas such as Prisons, Mines or Schools.

Email Notifications

An email notification will be generated from the system as soon as an event happens such as Panic button, camera covering, video loss or even memory issue.

Backup Storage

In case of the hard disk failure for any reason, the memory can be always secure with a backup SD card which is installed as standard in all our Vehicle CCTV as default.

Peace of Mind with VIEWTRACK Vehicle CCTV

Local Server

All camera servers are hosted in Australia for faster server response. The live streaming can be very quick by having the local Australian server.

Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud storage can be arranged on demand for the specific requirements. Events can be uploaded to server automatically for future references.

Server Up-Time

All our servers are hosted on reputed cloud-based servers. This means that the real experts will take care of the infrastructure to maximise the up-time.

Extended Warranty

Extended warranty and insurance can be provided up to 3-years on demand. It means, the hardware will be covered and protected for up to 3-years


It’s just not easy to have your laptop wherever you go. Our mobile application will make it possible to continue your fleet monitoring from your mobile. The application is available in both Android and iOS (iPhone) and the user may download them from Google Play or App Store (Apple).


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