Various types of Ai Vehicle CCTV with a wide range of cameras are available from Basic Recording to Ai Recordings. We can meet your unique requirements. Contact us to get more information.

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Some Hardware Features:

4G Connection

4G tracking device to have a future proof and faster connectivity to the server.


Multiple Inputs and Output to connect to different sensors such as Ignition Immobiliser

Live Streaming

Live streaming to the dashcam to find out the real-time events.

Driver Behaviour

Ai Cameras to detect reckless driving. The features are including of ADAS, DSM, BSD and etc.

Ai Driver Fatigue

Driver Fatigue detection and in-vehicle driver caoching system for better driving performance.

Disconnection Alert

Instant alerts for any tamper to disconnection of the GPS tracking devices.

Heavy Duty Cameras

Many unique cameras can help you to get the best result in your monitoring.

Large Storage

A large storage of data will enable you to store long hours of footage for the emergency times.

Visual Notification

Provide automatic visual notifications to the customer for a quick review.

Some Software Features:

Live Streaming

Live streaming to the vehicle to
find out about the current events.

History Footages

Accesst to the history footages
in case of any investigation.

Smart Footage

Auto upload for the incident footages
to save time for future investigation.


Various types of reports for different form
of data representation.


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