Our Partners

We believe we are stronger together.

Below is the list of our partners around the world…

Global Technology Partners

Fuel Tax Credit (FTC)


Prism streamlines operations and improves insights by automating complex analytics using location and event data from your connected vehicles.

Electronic Work Diary (EWD)


Headquartered and based in Sydney, Australia, Logmaster is an Electronic Work Diary or known as EWD. It is launched and certified by NHVR since 29/07/2022. with a lot of great features to stay ahead from its competitors.

Blockchain Partner


Headquartered and based in Brisbane, Australia, VeriDoc Global is a patented verification solution that uses public-key cryptography and blockchain technology to prevent document and data fraud.

Global Distributors

South East Asia Distributor

Corporate Office
Gradient Group of Companies

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.