Fleet GPS Tracking

VIEWTRACK’s Premium GPS Trackers is an advanced and integrated telematics solution designed to help provide comprehensive vehicle tracking utilising highly advanced sensory capabilities.

Vehicle Selection

Choice of showing real-time tracking of single or multiple vehicles on the Google map.

Vehicle Details

View the vehicle's information live in the system such as locations, vehicle battery level, odometer and etc.

Movements Replay

Watch all the trips which have been completed by the vehicles from start to finish.

Comprehensive Report

With a wide range of reports, VIEWTRACK enables you to make a number of data forms.

Vehicle Maintenance

All your fleet can be scheduled for future maintenance to avoid any major damage to your vehicles.

2-Way Communication

All driver and the office communications are recorded through our system.


Get all your alerts and notifications in real-time within the tracking platform and your email.

Theft Recovery

Flexible location intervals in emergency situations in order to get more frequent updates.

Your Fleet Will
Never Get Lost

VIEWTRACK’s products gathering is the result of 10 years of experience in the fleet management software solution industry. This has enabled us to provide everyone with the best GPS tracking devices for their commercial vehicles and assets. Our GPS Tracking solution will help your business to manage your fleet easier and save you tons of money.  GPS trackers are basically navigation devices that are installed in transportation and assets to track their movement and precise location. GPS tracking devices communicate with satellites in orbit around the Earth. These intercept satellite signals indicating the position of an object, vehicle, or person. GPS trackers pinpoint the exact location of an object on Earth by mapping the positions supplied by at least three to four satellites. As a result, GPS tracking systems always take into account the signals of several satellites to check data and improve accuracy in detecting location.

Live Tracking

Follow your vehicles on the map in real-time
for live decisions.

Driver Behaviour

View all your drivers' behaviours and
their driving attitude.

Job Management

Uncomparable job management system
which allows you to schedule all your jobs.

Vehicle Maintenance

Enter your vehicle data in the system to
schedule the right service maintenance automatically.


4G Live Tracking

Have total visibility of your fleet with VIEWTRACK’S 4G Smart Dual Network which provides a comprehensive coverage across rural and regional areas all on a consolidated platform.

History Replay

Replay of trips provides critical insight into the performance of your fleet and employees whilst in the field.

Variety Maps

Multi-dimensional view of Google Maps and Street View.

Fleet Maintenance

Enhanced Vehicle Maintenance by proactively scheduling upcoming vehicle services and other maintenance thereby extending the life your fleet and reducing unnecessary breakdown and repair costs.

Job Management

Job Management where workflow can be better managed through flexible automated assignment by vehicle and job.

Driver Behaviour

Driver Behaviour can be constantly monitored for training and upskilling. Hard breaking, speeding, sharp cornering can all be detected to better educate drivers improving behaviour and compliance.

Geofencing & POI

Geofencing capabilities where drivers and assets are prohibited from entering predetermined zones keeping both safe whilst minimising risk.

Tamper Alarms

Tamper Alerts ensures any interference or disconnection from the vehicle is detected and alerted for immediate investigation.

Highlighted VIEWTRACK System Benefits:

4G Live Tracking

Check out where your fleets are on the Google map in real-time.

History Replay

Get a comprehensive trip replay in a visual form on different maps.

Premium Map

Multi-dimensional view of Google Maps and Street View.

Reports Variety

Various types of reports to provide you with different forms of data.

Job Management

Assign jobs to your drivers with a checklist to follow during the delivery.

Vehicle Maintenance

Stops you missing the vehicle log book to keep your vehicle maintained.

Driving Behaviour

Enable you to monitor how your drivers behave on the road.


It will give you the full clarity of the trip which has completed.

Geofencing & POI

Mark your No-Go Zone or your specific runway for your drivers.

Vehicle Log Book

Lets you sort out and categorise your business trips and private trips.

Unique Alerts + Tamper Alarm

Get instant notification for all unique events as well as tamper alarms.

User Management

Manage sub-users with different user-rights for all employees.

Business benefits:

Reduced Costs

Lower fuel costs by eliminating unacceptable/careless driver behaviour.

Better Fleet Management

Complete fleet visibility allows quick and effective deployment of assets as required.

Improved Safety

Driver visibility allows for the rewarding of good driver behaviour and for coaching of poor driving behaviour improving driver, truck, and community safety.


If you are looking for more than just a tracking unit, our hardwired trackers are here to help you to monitor your extra requirements. A long list of sensors is available to maximise your monitoring and enable you to manage your fleet better.


OBD-II Tracker is one of the most famous and convenient trackers in the market. You will NOT need any professional installer to install this tracker in your vehicle. You just need to find out where the OBD-II port in your vehicle is and plug it in and your vehicle will be ready to be tracked.


Trailers are always the ones that are missing for tracking. Our comprehensive hardwired trailer tracker will help you to monitor your trailers and keep them under your supervision. This tracker is almost similar to our hardwired tracker which enables you to add sensors to it but with a bigger battery capacity and some other differences.


There are always assets that do not have access to any power source and you still need to track them and maintain them. Our extensive asset tracker comes in different models and battery capacities. It will help you to tracker any assets or fleets upon your decision.

GPS Tracking Devices for Commercial Vehicles, Trucks and Assets:

GPS trackers give an end-to-end fleet management solution to all fleet operating businesses. Running and controlling a fleet of cars, prime movers, trucks, crane trucks, cranes and any other plant machinery has grown smarter and easier using GPS trackers. GPS monitoring systems for automobiles and vehicles will provide you with near real-time tracking. The fleet GPS tracking system also sends out near real-time alerts. GPS tracking systems are equipped with any IoT sensors including temperature sensors, door sensors, ignition immobilisers and etc to help manage the company vehicles more efficiently. GPS-enabled sensors alert fleet management teams and drivers to make the best decision at the right moment. With GPS tracking devices, fleet managers could see the precise location of their fleet and rapidly communicate guidelines and directives to drivers. These not only assist in the efficient administration of the fleet of company vehicles but also in the prevention of any incidents. GPS trackers for automobiles allow vehicle owners to locate their vehicles. People nowadays even utilise GPS trackers on motorcycles to monitor their movement and behaviour.

4G CAT-1 Network Coverage:

Be careful! Even when they say it is a 4G GPS tracker. Not all 4G GPS trackers are manufactured with the same specifications; don’t be deceived by a GPS tracker that just supports 4G CAT-M1. Many 4G GPS trackers on the marketplace only work on a tiny section of the 4G network, known as 4G CAT-M1. This will limit their network connectivity to a subset of the total 4G network. At VIEWTRACK, we use 4G CAT-1 network, which has 4G LTE connectivity coverage on bands B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B40 and backup network on 3G network bands B1/B2/B5/B8 which subject to regional 3G network availability.