Driving Behaviour

Although speeding, harsh concerning, braking, and accelerating are undoubtably often causes of truck accidents, majority of such accidents happen in the 35 – 80 km zone where road geometry and conditions have changed.

Fatigue and Distractions make up the difference. VIEWTRACK Dashcams utilises both Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) to ensure Driver, Vehicle and Road safety is always maximised.

VIEWTRACK ADAS technology includes, Cross Traffic Alerts, Side Impact Alerts, Blind Spot Alerts while DMS utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) focusing on Driver Distraction and Fatigue. With DMS smart face and eye algorithms measure a driver’s head position, eye gaze and eye closure to detect fatigue or distraction. When safety parameters are breached, audio alarms and seat vibrations are immediately activated alerting the driver and administration. Footage and Data can then be downloaded and reviewed for Driver Management and Education.

4G Live Tracking

Have total visibility of your fleet with VIEWTRACK’S 4G Smart Dual Network which provides a comprehensive coverage across rural and regional areas all on a consolidated platform.

History Replay

Replay of trips provides critical insight into the performance of your fleet and employees whilst in the field.

Variety Maps

Multi-dimensional view of Google Maps and Street View.

Large Backup Battery

A large backup battery is fitted to protect the asset when the tracker is not connected to external power to extend the tracking.

Geofencing & POI

Geofencing capabilities where drivers and assets are prohibited from entering predetermined zones keeping both safe whilst minimising risk.

Tamper Alarms

Tamper Alerts ensures any interference or disconnection from the vehicle is detected and alerted for immediate investigation.

Business benefits:

Reduced Costs

By knowing where your asset are, there are less chance of losing them.

Better Asset Management

Complete fleet visibility allows quick and effective deployment of assets as required.