Frequently Asked Questions

A GPS tracking solutions consists of two parts, the first being the tracking device installed in the vehicle and the software that interacts with it and displays it on the map and in reports. The GPS tracking device in the car sends the position data to the VIEWTRACK server where the software then reads and displays the information in an easy to see format.

VIEWTRACK’s Fleet management solutions incorporate GPS tracking of your vehicles, trucks, equipment and assets to identify insights for better operational control, cost management and enhanced compliance. The VIEWTRACK GPS tracking units transmit locations intervals depending on the chosen subscription plan you have been purchased. The data packet will send to VIEWTRACK platform to decode and find out the position of the trackers. The tracking’s platform will update these locations on the screen for you, provide a detailed positions and the route that your fleet is taking in real-time.

VIEWTRACK’s integrated solutions have been developed over almost 20 years; letting you to track almost everything, including vehicles, trucks, planting machine, trailers, containers, dollies, and equipment. Based on your unique requirements, you may select from powered and battery/solar powered options. Contact us today to discuss further about tracking all your moveable vehicles and assets.

VIEWTRACK’s integrated Mobile Digital Video Recording known as “MDVR” system includes up to 12 cameras recording the vehicle’s surroundings, cabin and the trailer for any incident replay. By being able to quickly review the incident footage helps the managers to respond accordingly in an emergency. All the recorded footage can be instrumental in enhancing the drivers’ behaviour and can also be used for training or as evidence if further proof is required. These hardwired cameras system is purposely designed for use in a heavy duty and high vibration environments like heavy vehicles. The very robust design and development is also tamper-proof and conduct a daily health check to ensure your  hardware including your cameras are completely operational.

As soon as you subscribed to our system, we will conduct a complete training for you in person or online.  Moreover, if you have any other query, you will be able to contact us and request assistance from one of our experts. You may simply fill in the technical support from in the contact us page or call 07 3132 3333 for our in-house Customer Support team or email us through our support email at support@viewtrack.com.au.

Yes. All our hardware and equipments come with a 12 month standard warranty. However, extended warranties are available for the minimum additional fees for more peace of mind.

Yes, you can have unlimited user access to your fleet. The additional user accounts will be created for you upon you request. You can even limit the access to some of the users by giving them access to part of the platform only.

An Electronic Work Diary known as EWD is a digital or electronic system used to monitor and record the work and rest times of your heavy vehicle drivers. It can be used as an alternative to Written Work Diaries. All drivers can record their work and rest hours in our EWD. Our Solution has been approved by the NHVR.

The Smart eDriver EWD is available for download from the google play store. Download it on your mobile phone or tablet and contact a distributor to get started. The Smart eDriver EWD can now replace your Written Work Diary as an alternative.

Find out more information about EWD from the NHVR webpage here: www.nhvr.gov.au/safety-accreditation-compliance/fatigue-management/electronic-work-diary

Being a fleet manager is all about being able to maintain the vehicle into the best possible condition by following the service maintenance. Our solution lets you to conduct daily checks on your fleet and find faults. You might also schedule the service intervals to stay on track in you vehicles’ maintenance and maximise on-road time. 

Yes, all our tracking device are fitted with a backup battery inside, hence the tracker will send and notification to the platform as soon as it disconnects from the main power source of the vehicle.

If for any reason your tracking devices go out of the telecommunication network which it uses to get its positions back to the VIEWTRACK platform, the tracker will store the data where it has been in this period. The tracking device will send out all the stored locations and its latest location. Therefore, you will not lose any data and you will still able to see where your fleet have been.

Yes, the GPS tracker can be easily uninstalled and reinstalled from any of your fleets or assets and put into another. We just need to update the details in the system to stay out of the confusion.

It’s a BIG YES. We provide an open API to integrate your in-house systems to ours. You may contact us for more information in regards to this matter.


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