Fuel Tax Credits (FTC)

FTC Automation!

Fuel Tax Credits (FTC) can be used to offset the cost of fuel for any vehicle operated for commercial purposes on non-public roadways. This FTC module maximises FTC claims throughout your fleet by utilising the most recent algorithms, map data, and business analytics. VIEWTRACK collaborates with a third party that utilises an FTC calculation system that generates fuel tax credits from consumption data on a monthly basis and offers the data in the format needed by the ATO, saving time when lodging tax and filing FTC claims.

Our FTC module can do historical calculations going back up to four years, allowing you to cover any missing claims or under-claims your company may have in the past. This valuable FTC data also assists in identifying underutilised and overspent cars in your organisation, allowing you to optimise fleet operations and save wasted operating expenditures.

Improve commercial value by automating fleet activity analysis

Our technology automates the computation of Fuel Tax Credits (FTC) by utilising powerful GPS analytics and existing telemetry data.

Our FTC calculation service combines the FTC app engine with extensive mapping data for Australia as a whole, as well as FTC-specific calculations that are performed automatically and at scale.

Monthly reports imply better cash flow!

Customers that subscribe to the FTC receive a monthly report.

Keep up to current on telemetry sensor data and scheduled fleet maintenance projects. Enable email, SMS, push, and sound alarms.

The best approach to maximise your fuel tax credits!

Using powerful GPS analytics and your current telemetry data, FTC App can increase the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of your FTC calculations and outcomes.

With the FTC App, you may achieve commercial excellence!

Advantages and disadvantages
The FTC App team is in charge of account configuration.
Monthly FTC reports are sent to your mailbox!
Vehicle registration that may be customised – including auxiliary apportionment
FTC App Web App and fleet analytics tools are available.
Calculation automation results in a 75% decrease in burden.

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