Electronic Work Diary

NHVR Compliance

Our app has the NHVR compliance to meet the standard.

Flexible App

Different apps on all handheld devices with all screen ratio.

Multiple Access

Multiple access in different devices with different user rights.


Real-time alerts and notification to get you notified.

A Market-Leading Compliance Platform

VIEWTRACK’s will bring you the best, most user-friendly and market-leading Electronic Work Diary which will benefit you and your drivers the most.

Your own automated solution for controlling driver tiredness and other compliance reporting duties, giving you peace of mind.

Increase Safety in your Company

Let your transport operators, drivers as well as the authorised officers to easily review the work diary of the day for the compliances.

Secure Record Keeping

The drivers record can be safer and more secure when they have the record on an electronic device in compare of a written work diary.

Data Synchronisation

The driver and the office have access to the data by pressing a few buttons without doing any manual jobs or waiting for the driver to submit their written work diary.

Some other benefit of having Electronic Work Diary:


There will be no more outdated school logbooks or overflowing filing drawers of papers. Accessing your fleet's data is a snap thanks to secure and limitless cloud storage. Yes, you can go to it from everywhere!


With exact data at your fingertips, compliance audits become a snap. Maintain all certification, maintenance, and fatigue management records in the cloud.


When it comes to automatic compliance reports, saving time means saving money; Our EWD allows you to concentrate your time on more profitable fleet management operations since it is readily created and available on demand.


With real-time input and changes, you can eliminate uncertainty in data collecting. You'll always have correct data thanks to geotagging, shift duration recording, and accreditation renewal reminders.


Logmaster EWD is a compliance management solution that allows your drivers to easily track their driving and work hours for compliance requirements. The software monitors hours worked and breaks taken in real time (with geo-tagging for accuracy), and then allows you to share the compliance data with your designated organisation. You may, of course, access your records and paperwork at any time and from any location.

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