Electronic Work Diary

VIEWTRACK simplifies transport compliance with real-time alerts, breaches, failed pre-starts, fitness declarations, license registration and expiry, and more represented in a consolidated form. No more disparate systems or outstanding paperwork means you are constantly audit-ready. Furthermore, documents and registrars can be customized to meet all required accreditations.

VIEWTRACK also makes fleet drivers’ lives easier with Electronic Work Diary (EWD) which helps reduce logbook errors and minimise fines. Driver breaches can be prevented with the clock down and break alerts. Roadside inspections can also be conducted quickly and confidently. 

NHVR & WAHVA Compliance

Not only is VIEWRTRACK partner’s technology operable in black spot and low coverage areas but is also NVHR and WAHVA compliant.

iOS + Android Application

EWD is also available in a mobile app on all Android and Apple smartphones.

Device Compatibility

EWD is compatible with almost all iOS and Android devices.

Basic Fatigue Management

EWD can also come with a basic fatigue management as on optional feature if there is a requirement.

Real-time Data Synchronisation

The driver and the office have access to the data by pressing a few buttons without doing any manual jobs or waiting for the driver to submit their written work diary.


With exact data at your fingertips, compliance audits become a snap. Maintain all certification, maintenance, and fatigue management records in the cloud.


With real-time input and changes, you can eliminate uncertainty in data collecting. You’ll always have correct data thanks to geotagging, shift duration recording, and accreditation renewal reminders.

Business benefits:

Improved Safety

Digital compliance with VIEWTRACK delivers a very pro-active approach to factors responsible for Truck accidents such as Fatigue. With EWD for example, drivers are notified ahead of time for breaks reducing the likelihood of an incident or accident.

Better Productivity

Getting rid of paperwork in lodging logbooks results in productivity gains as drivers and administration alike, are not bogged down with time consuming paperwork. As a result, their time can be better utilised in achieving other business KPI’s.

Reduced Costs

VIETRACK’s digital compliance results in real cost savings as the cost of manual labour-intensive paperwork is removed. Streamlining processes means staff can work less time on mundane cost incurring tasks such as collecting data from drivers and checking it for duplication and errors. Cost savings are also possible at tax time as important information such as fuel costs are audit ready reducing the time accountants need to spend in collating and reporting such information.

Real Business Insights

With VIEWTRACK’s EWD accurate data is collected in and reported in real time, giving real insight into resource allocation, job management and driver welfare.


There will be no more outdated school logbooks or overflowing filing drawers of papers. Accessing your fleet's data is a snap thanks to secure and limitless cloud storage. Yes, you can go to it from everywhere!

EWD's Partner

Logmaster EWD is a compliance management solution that allows your drivers to easily track their driving and work hours for compliance requirements. The software monitors hours worked and breaks taken in real time (with geo-tagging for accuracy), and then allows you to share the compliance data with your designated organisation. You may, of course, access your records and paperwork at any time and from any location.