Asset GPS Tracker (Solar/Battery)

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Various types of Asset GPS trackers from basic tracking to comprehensive tracking in all price ranges are available at VIEWTRACK. There are Solar Trackers and Battery-Powered Trackers to suit the specific project requirements. Contact us to get more information.

All Containers

All Assets

All Cars

All Vans

All Trucks

All Buses

Some Hardware Features:

4G Connection

4G tracking device to have a future proof and faster connectivity to the server.

DIY Installation

You can install the tracker all by yourself.

Water Resistance

Water resitance enclosure casing to protect the electronic components.

Trip Detection

Trip detection sensor to detect movement of the assets.

BLE for Sensors

Compatible in-house BLE temperature and humadity sensor, Door Sensor, Relays.

Removal Alert

Instant alerts for removal of the GPS tracking devices.

Long Battery

Large battery with long battery life for long tracking in the advanced trackers.

Solar Panel

Uses solar to recharge the battery in the tracker on some trackers.


The battery last for a long time based on the tracker you choose. Some may recharge with USB cable.

Some Software Features:

Asset Maintenance

Enter your asset data in the system to schedule
the recurring service maintenance automatically.


Geofence your asset to recieve immediate
alerts when your assets move.

View on Google Map

Find out the latest location on Google Map
for busniess investigation and administration.

Share Tracking with Others

Share your tracking and cargo movement with
your clients to provide them with peace of mind.


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