3G Network Outage – Are you prepared?

Telstra has started the countdown in October 2019 to switch off the 3G Network (850 MHz) by 2024. While there are still plenty of times, Telstra disclosed that organisations having 3G GPS tracking devices have enough time to be able to upgrade to the next generation of 4G GPS tracking devices. Telstra launched the 3G back in 2006, which was the latest technology at that time. Telstra now has 4G coverage across the board, which leads to reliable GPS tracking coverage and a superior user experience. Australian businesses have had more than four years to plan to upgrade their GPS tracking devices.


How does the 3G shutdown impact businesses that utilise 3G GPS trackers on their fleet?

  • All GPS tracking devices in Australia must have a modem or module compatible with LTE networks to avoid future disconnection.3g-disconnect
  • Businesses shall start using 4G GPS trackers for excellent coverage to achieve a great outcome.
  • If you are an existing VIEWTRACK customer, there is a significant possibility you already have a 4G GPS tracking device/s. VIEWTRACK always try its best to save more money and time for its clients; Therefore, we avoid putting our clients in a situation of acquiring technology that would be useless in the near future and they need to upgrade their existing hardware after just purchasing them.
  • As of October 2019, the Telstra 4G network covered 99 per cent of the population, with intentions to expand coverage to reach network equality with the current 3G network by June 2024.
  • Although Telstra will remain to service the NextG network (3G) until June 2024, coverage may decrease in some areas because of the adjustments and calibration of the existing infrastructure.
  • Subscribers who now use 3G GPS trackers must replace their trackers with a 4G GPS tracker before 2024 at the latest if not sooner. VIEWTRACK is here to assist businesses in upgrading their GPS trackers and provide you with quotes that a lot of fleet management companies will not able to offer.

Telstra provided enough information for minimal disruptions and a smooth transition. Feel free to reach out to VIEWTRACK today to get your 3G tracking devices upgraded to our premium 4G GPS trackers at a very competitive price for quality products and services.