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The Best GPS Tracking Company in Australia

The world-leading GPS tracking fleet provider in Australia, VIEWTRACK, provides OBDII GPS trackers and Hardwired GPS trackers that allow comprehensive sight of your fleet of vehicles on the road. The most recent 4G LTE products are outfitted with our cutting-edge 4G GPS trackers to provide a more thorough insight into the vehicles, making managing and maintaining them simpler. Another essential characteristic of our extensive 4G GPS trackers is that they come with a smart dual-network. Once you begin utilising our GPS trackers, you will be very satisfied with their services.

The Best Asset Tracking Company in Australia

At VIEWTRACK, we offer the latest 4G asset tracking technology for any powered and unpowered assets. We can use RFID and Active GPS tags to make it more comprehensive. Our LTE asset tracking system can also be linked through Bluetooth, which receives and reads messages from a variety of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors. Managing temperature, humidity has never been easier by using our asset GPS tracking devices and IoT Sensors. Controlling other sensors such as lighting, PTO, signal indicators inside automobiles have even gotten simpler and thanks to VIEWTRACK IoT sensors.

The driver ID tags allow fleet managers to monitor drivers’ movements. They may monitor the drivers’ behaviour by watching them on the screen to see if they are respecting traffic regulations, following signals, following the suggested route, maintaining speed, or using brakes excessively.


Highlighted VIEWTRACK System Benefits:

Live Monitoring

Check out where your fleets are on the Google map in real-time.

Replay feature

Get a comprehensive trip replay in a visual form on different maps.

Location Ping

Ping your vehicles' trackers to know the current location.

Reports Variety

Various types of reports to provide you with different forms of data.

Job Management

Assign jobs to your drivers with a checklist to follow during the delivery.

Vehicle Maintenance

Stops you missing the vehicle log book to keep your vehicle maintained.

Driving Behaviour

Enable you to monitor how your drivers behave on the road.


It will give you the full clarity of the trip which has completed.


Mark your No-Go Zone or your specific runway for your drivers.

Vehicle Log Book

Lets you sort out and categorise your business trips and private trips.

Unique Alerts

Get instant notification for the desired events in System and Mobile.

User Management

Manage sub-users with different user-rights for all employees.

VIEWTRACK Offers Ultimate Solutions:

In Australia, VIEWTRACK offers solutions to consumers and corporations in all fleet tracking industries. Businesses have peace of mind knowing that they are receiving reliable and trustworthy tracking data from our range of solutions, which aid in the management of fleets and assets.

VIEWTRACK has long provided Australian businesses with high-quality, trustworthy telematics solutions. VIEWTRACK provides several refined GPS fleet tracking solutions, including enterprise GPS tracking solutions. We can customise these solutions for any business that requires specific fleet tracking. Whether large or small, in any sector. We even provide unique business GPS tracking services. You know your industry well, and we know our product well. Working together, we can help you take your company into the future.

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  • 4G Vehicle CCTV System (Fleet Camera)
  • Electronic Work Diary
  • Fuel Tax Credit

GPS Tracking

What makes an amazing GPS tracking platform? What makes a wonderful GPS Tracking hardware? 

VIEWTRACK offers a different form of 4G LTE GPS trackers, ranging from basic tracking to advanced tracking, to accommodate a wide range of applications and businesses needs.

VIEWTRACK team has put all its experiences to provide an extensive GPS tracking solution to its partners.

Vehicle CCTV

What makes an excellent Vehicle CCTV platform? What makes a brilliant Vehicle CCTV hardware? 

Fleet managers have fascinating insights into the vehicle driving events by using video dash cams with high memory capacity and options for live streaming through the VIEWTRACK platform.

IoT Sensors

There is a variety of IoT sensors that can be customized based on customer requirements.

Bluetooth is one of the main features of all our latest GPS trackers. It is allowing our tracker to connect to a wide range of IoT sensors. The temperature, humidity, and light sensors, as well as driver ID badges, are some of them.

SAVE Your Fleet Against False Claims

VIEWTRACK’s camera system provides you with visual evidence which is necessary as proof for any incidents such as accidents or any other incidents during deliveries which can save your company against a false claim or better insurance claims for your fleet in case of an incident.


VIEWTRACK is aiming to help your business to grow by implementing unique solutions.

Real Tracker

VIEWTRACK trackers will help you to monitor your fleet and your asset in where ever they are.

Real Camera

VIEWTRACK vehicle CCTV will help you to view your fleet and your asset in where ever they are.

Real Monitoring

VIEWTRACK comprehensive solutions will provide you extensive fleet management and monitoring system.

Why VIEWTRACK Can Be Your Choice?

We Care About You

Our exclusive networking and relationship enabled us to have the world-class feature solutions in the market and having the world-class products, which means, do you. Our team is proud to be providing high-end solutions and services to all our customers.

We Look for Relationships

We are committed in providing you with a unique experiences throughout your engagement with us. We consider you as part of our family by being always available and helping you to solve your issues, and providing you with an unremarkable customer service experience.

We Grow Together

Our main focus and objective are solving your requirements in fleet management. We provide you with solutions that help you to manage your fleet easier and save you from surprises. Our growth depends on your growth; therefore, you will have our full support here.

We Ease Technology Accessibility

We invite everyone to become part of our family from a small business to a big corporate. There are many ways that we can help you to get easy the accessibility of our solutions. Contact us for more information about your own personalised solution.